Power and Energy Exhibition & Conference Expo Tanzania is a huge field of electricity and energy in Africa. Participation in this exhibition will allow you to their products and services to the largest gathering of decision makers decent show. Business visitors from all over East and Central Africa will be directly involved in this event and regional trade bodies from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somalia, Mozambique and the Congo will work. Although Tanzania is one of Africa's largest markets, traders and importers from neighboring countries trying to attract the Knd.dsth main products Tanzania Electricity and Energy Fair 2017:
Electricity-generating plants and geothermal-heating-energy new and renewable-energy raw materials - coal, uranium and thorium-transmission and distribution equipment
Decentralized power generation-equipment spin-automation factory-energy projects and an opportunity for the industry-auxiliary-nuclear-power-saving technology, environmental management
Technology and services-feed-coal and uranium / thorium-financing of projects in power-lighting-fixtures and fittings energy efficiency and environmental-engineering consulting / contracting ready-turbine / boiler / generator / pump-equipment solar-energy equipment wind-energy equipment water-insulation-lighting accessories
Control Gear-IT-board government in the energy sector in the field of electrical / trade union / professional organizations / financial institutions-Equipment-pollution control equipment
Factories-manufacturers, equipment suppliers, financial institutions, equipment and power transmission lines-conductor transmission-tower aluminum and steel-Regulator-communication-range voltage-measurement and fault-protection-equipment of key projects in the sub-stations ) -control engineering and industrial automation.it will held on 
16-18 Aug 2017

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